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Welcome to Green Mint Herbs

We are a specialist herbal company located in Blackburn. We specialize in offering a variety of Herbs, Cosmetics, Herbal Perfumes and Essential Oils as Our Services, The products we put up for sale are 100% organic. Along with Herbs and Essential Oils, we also offer our 100% organic Homemade products and Cosmetics.

Below are the Services we offer

Certified Services

Our Consultants are Certified and have 10 Year Experience in the Herbal Field 

Herbal Treatments

Unlike Allopathy Natural Herbal Treatments take time to process and  have minimal Side Effects. 

Shop Our Special Herbs & Spices

We offer various distinct herbs and spices, which are hard to get in London



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We offer highly rated Services

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Blackburn Address:
Green mint Herbs Ltd, UnitC, Didsbury Street, Blackburn, BB1 3JL

 London address:
69 Staverton Road, London, NW2 5HA


Our Services

List of Our Special Products


  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Curlinary Herbs
  • Powdered Spices

Essential Oils

  • Aromatic Oils
  • Medicinal Oils
  • Therapeutic Oils


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